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Your Heineken: Customise A 6-Pack

I remember watching a great presentation from my previous CEO a few years back on how personalisation and customisation was to be the xfactor of future product marketing, that was on the back of some of the first NikeID stores, and while botique beer brands have been doing this for a few years, AKQA and Heineken are now bringing this to the mainstream with “Your Heineken” and it’s a step above the rest with a neat online tool that allows you to customise almost 100% of the bottle in 3D. Upload images, text, photos, you name it and they’ll be rendered in 3D on the bottle to give you a preview before you buy. Pretty cool. Check it out at “Your Heineken” here.


The future of online shopping? Concept retail iPad app.

It may be heralded as the future of reading already but is this what the future of online shopping could look like? I love how the clothes move in the background.

In a perfect world..

Here’s a selection, there’s a load more on the via link below. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.


You know in life when there are things that you are used to but at the same time annoy you? Those things are exactly what artist Catrin Dulay has tried to express using illustrations with fun messages. The world would be so perfect if everybody had a pen, if all the machines accepted wrinkled dollar bills, that all stickers peel off clean, etc.

Illustrations with clever messages are used by other artists as well, like these guys that wanted to show how ironic life would be if everything was upside down in our lives.

















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The rise of collaborative consumption

Van Gogh self portrait out of 2700 coloured polo shirts

Japanese clothing company Onward Kashiyama promotes its “Couleurs” collection with a pixelated self-portrait of Van Gogh composed of 2700 polo shirts in 24 different varieties.

The Rebirth of Slick

Swamped by choice. The endless possibilities of summer.

This is how you advertise a fragrance online.

How do you advertise a product, in this case fragrance, online? Something so traditionally difficult to ‘sell’ without smell(ing).

Seamlessly blur the physical and virtual spaces like this rather brilliant video above does. Watch and marvel.

Digital Youth: 10 trends for 2010

How would you finish the sentence: I Am…?

Part film and part social experiment, this video features random people on the streets of Philadelphia completing the sentence “I Am…” It’s an interesting look at how people see themselves first and foremost.

iPad magic.

This is unreal! How does he do it? That is why its magic..

FREE ENERGY by Andy Whitlock

This is quite possibly my favourite powerpoint presentation ever. Its got a zelda theme and everything! @andywhitlock I want your children.

A video on YouTube gets half of its views in first 6 days on site

A video on YouTube gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days it is on the site, according to data from analytics firm TubeMogul. After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views.

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Marks and Spencer get this ad spot on.

Online banking, mobile banking and social infographs.

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A sneak peek at Facebook’s drastically simplified privacy settings.

I lolled.

Stop Babies and Puppies in Advertising: Make Art Not Cliches

According to this video of course..

Sarcastic subject – Check
Atmospheric music – Check
Video of WIN – Check

Advertising Is Calling: A speech made up of 30 brand slogans