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Mobile App Automatically Notifies Emergency Responders In Case Of Car Accidents

“Collision Watch is an application that runs in the background of Android mobile devices, constantly monitoring the device‚Äôs GPS, accelerometer, and movement patterns. When the system detects a significant number of indicators that suggest the owner has been in a vehicle crash (a sharp shift in motion while driving, perhaps), the device initiates a series of notifications to primary contacts and emergency services. Having collected data on the conditions leading up to the incident, the service delivers information to emergency responders that helps establish context and potential needs.”

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Paris versus New York via swissmiss

Paris versus New York is a friendly visual match between those two cities, as seen by a Parisian-based-and-lover on New York : details, cliches and contradictions. Absolutely fantastic.

(thank you Jolayne)

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BP oil used as ink for clever poster design

“Anthony Burrill, in conjunction with Purple Monkey Design in New Orleans, Louisiana created a limited edition series of 200 screen printed posters made with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster. The results are pretty great.”