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I’m firmly in the ‘dislike’ camp on this one. Ugly on the eye.

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Imagine walking in to a shop, standing on a big like button and that becoming a social action popping up in your news feed.

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Does watching TV with friends affect the influence of advertising?

In the present study – a naturalistic laboratory experiment – coviewing of TV commercials reduced their effectiveness (delayed proven ad recall) from 63%, obtained by single viewers, to 43%, for both coviewers. During coviewing, the ‘mere presence of another’ apparently distracts each coviewer’s attention from the screen. The reduction in TV ads’ effectiveness due to coviewing is equivalent to the loss from channel-change zapping, which reduces ad recall to 45%. More deleterious but less prevalent modes of digital video recorder-enabled ad avoidance are skip-button zapping, which reduces recall to 35%, and moderately fast zippingtimes 8 fast forward), which reduces ad effectiveness almost entirely, leaving only 6% recall. This study concludes with some practical suggestions for improving the effectiveness of TV commercials seen by a coviewing audience.

Source: “How coviewing reduces the effectiveness of TV advertising” from Journal of Marketing Communications

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