Russian raver reacts to launch of Google+

Workplace Incentives: How Are Companies Keeping Their Talent?

‪I’m on G+ (The Google Plus HDC Remix)‬‏

This is too funny.

Every single facebook conversation ever

How digital devices are reshaping education

A data cake

The Six Biggest Websites In The World Compared


For those who say there’s no money in social. Take a look at these companies for starters…

Now for something a bit different… Dubstep miming.

35 Years of Apple Products: A Visual History

Timelapse of from September 2010 to July 2011

There’s something quite mesmerising about this. The uniformity. The ads. The visuals. The colours.

The Social Travel Revolution

A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google+

Social Media Innovation Framework by @jbell99

Acts of kindness on the tube? Good luck with that…

Won a bottle of Sake at Hyper Japan. Cheers @thatmatsmith!

Taken at Olympia Two

Hyper Japan. Sunshine. Sweet.

Taken at Olympia Two

‪Rebekah Brooks “Friday” (Rebecca Black Parody)

I love YouTube.

The top 20 most expensive Google adwords.


999 check-ins on @foursquare.

Where’s going to be 1000? Answer: probably work.


Survival of the safest


When it comes to ideas, the crazier, the harder it is to believe they can be a reality. This particular cartoon from the consistently excellent Tom Fishburne is poignant because I’d always been told if it was a good idea it’d have been done already and had it drummed in to me which of course makes you rebel and want to seek solutions to problems to show that not everything that is good, has been done already.