Coca Cola reinvent the banner and launch personalised cans

Minority Report brought to life by The Mill

Tango aerosol!

60 minutes in the life of Square. You’ll be surprised.


“I asked Square to make me a map of their transactions to see where they had users. The map you see at the top of the page shows one hour of transaction volume on a Friday afternoon. The size of the bubble represents the volume of the transactions while the different colors indicate the types of users that Square has.”

My kinda birthday card. “Happy birthday Facebook friend* But not actual”

Pictures – A song inspired by Instagram users

What a great picture of @dens in the Foursquare vs Facebook check-in fight

Workaholics: Standard work hours around the world

User image galleries go live on Twitter


This is great. Aggregating all the images you've posted up to Twitter from a variety of imaging platforms like Twitpic, yFrog, Posterous and Instagram. Looks like an official analytics package isn't going to be far off now they're getting the key drivers for content – imaging and links all wrapped up inside the network. 

The best apology you’ll ever see

Everybody’s got a body

Class of 2011: Social Media Yearbook

LinkedIn users in a snapshot

Facebook: The Power of “Like” Marketing

Creating the Most Effective Facebook Content Strategies by @cowanpkc

What’s Dan Ariely’s trick for beating procrastination?

The American identity according to social media



This is great news: Verification Badges for Google+ Profiles

Special delivery from @ZAGGDAILY. A fantastic bit of kit.

Truly brilliant. A wireless Bluetooth keyboard for iPad. And it works.



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