Who is most likely to buy the iPhone 5?

Social media for the career minded

Who does all the text messaging? Young adults by far.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t every kid be a WellKiD?

Brand talking like a human

The agency of the future? Perhaps not.

This is what the new Facebook Timeline looks like


And I think it’s actually really great. The sneaky thing about it is that I’ve been filling out all the boxes that I’ve had empty before like places of work, education and the like. But now it visualises it all real nice so the trade off of me giving data is getting a sweet interface.



Now there’s a novel shop name

The @Instagram 2.0 logo has an almost 3D quality about it #nerdtweet

If UK Internet usage was just 1 hour


How do people spend their time online? This Experian Hitwise data shows not only where the UK Internet population are visiting online, but also how long people spend on a given website.

In August 2011 3.4 billion hours were spent online by the UK Internet population. 800 million of those were spent on social sites in August or close to 1/4 of all time spent online.

Facebook is still the clear market leader with half of all social networking visits and an average visit time of 22 minutes. Entertainment is the next biggest category, accounting for 9 minutes, with the majority of time spent on video on demand sites like BBC iPlayer and 4OD as well as movie and gaming websites.

Here’s how one hour of internet time in the UK would look:

72% of all iPhone app downloads are free


“Freemium” apps now account for nearly three of every four App Store downloads, according to new research. Downloads that include in-app purchases grew 34% since 2010 compared to just 7% for paid apps. Free games comprise 65% of the top-grossing titles in the U.S. App Store.

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Facebook is hosting 4% of all photos ever taken


When I was at the Facebook Studio Live Hack the other day ‘Boz’ almost made fun of the Photo product from Facebook in that it was clunky, had limits on number of photos you could upload to each album and that the photos didn’t display well. But what he did say bested all this was scale.

Facebook currently hosts 140 billion photos and are on course to add another 70 billion this year. Crazy numbers.

It is estimated that 3.5 trillion photos have been taken throughout history so Facebook is hosting 4% of photographic history. Truly incredible.

The ROI of social media: An infographic

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E4 and GetGlue. Check in to Made in Chelsea


So now at least I have an excuse for saying that I’m watching Made in Chelsea. I can say it’s research. But that’s not going to wash is it. Ok, it’s a guilty pleasure.

What is interesting though is the proliferation of the service Get Glue on to a mainstream level in the UK like never seen before.

I’ve not heard of Get Glue, what is it? Its billed as a social network for entertainment. Think of it like Foursquare but for things you’re doing and not physical places. But it’s a similar mechanic. You can check in to TV, music and films and get badges and rewards to keep you doing it.

And just like that this whole social TV thing elevates itself to new levels. The last thing I can remember checking in to using Get Glue was the Royal Wedding. Thousands were doing the same too.

Whether I’d check in to the Neighbours Omnibus or Big Brother is another story but I like where this is going.

An ad about advertising by @campaignmag


I love this.

How ironic that an ad about an advertising event captures the attention.

But then again the ticket price is cost prohibitive to us lowly ad freelancers.

Which is a bit of a shame considering it’s the “industry’s future stars” who will be “revealing their big ideas to rebuild trust in advertising.”

And that sounds rather excellent.

I can understand the need to recoup costs of the venue, speakers, judges etc but without injecting fresh blood in to the audience like they have with the speakers won’t this just be preaching to the converted?

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