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VIDEO: The World of Social Media in 2011

Full of stats and facts.

So people have started using @Path again? What void is it filling now?

Why @instagram is so popular by Techcrunch.


Taken at Yumchaa

“Almost certainly”. Two words that never go together.

On shoot earlier with Jodie Kidd and Ben Collins AKA The Stig for @newthinkerindex

Foursquare check-ins visualised 2010-2011

Socializing Your Brand: A Brand Guide To Sociability

Reebok Breaks Guinness World Record For Largest 3D Art Installation

Now here’s a wall ad in Berlin for Uncharted 3. Pretty awesome.

9 Astonishing Facts About Amazon

#CommsChat on Monday 21st November about Google+ and Brand Pages with Paul Sutton


Tomorrow evening I'm taking part in my first #CommsChat which is a live Q&A on Twitter and i'm up against Paul Sutton. We're both going to be battling it out in the proverbial ring, i'm in the 'for' brands having a page on Google+ and Paul is against. So it should be interested if anything.

You can catch it from 8pm-9pm UK time either here or on Twitter simply by using the hashtag. There's also some more info here.

See you there!

From destination social to dispersed social: 10 trends in social media

Mobile is transforming the Financial Times.

Elements that can help towards something being viral

Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone?


Is The Internet Awake?

Via Fast Co Design “As time passes, the moons move back and forth across the chart, drifting in and out of darkness and revealing the probable sleep patterns of broadband subscribers. So when the majority of the moons lines up in daylight, chances are that your tweets will have the biggest captive audience. Conversely, when the moons line up in darkness–sometime between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m. EST–you might as well wait till morning to share your brilliance with the rest of the world.”

Big Data: Defining the digital deluge

Strategic Planning.