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Facebook 2012

Which countries are happiest?

Indonesia, India Mexico, and Brazil lead the pack in happiness, while Russia, South Korea, and Hungary not so much….

A reminder.

How Do Community Managers Spend Most Of Their Time?

Douchebag Merit Badges

Here’s how it went down before online paywalls existed…

Brilliant. “I found this shirt on Pinterest.”

Global data usage map of Pinterest(ingness).


Here we can see the global popularity of Pinterest. The ranking numbers don't make a whole lot of sense to me but the crux of the information seems to show that the top countries by usage are: 

1. US 
2. India 
3. Canada
4. UK
5. France

@petecashmore in Shortlist.

The Evolution of Business Cards by Moo


Harvesting Consumer Intent from the Social Web by @edwardboches

Some really great stuff in here from his SXSW panel, worth a read.

UK Television Through The Ages: The Nation’s Changing Viewing Habits

TeleScope 2012 Infographic FINAL.pdf Download this file

Mike over at the TV Licensing press office kindly sent me this infographic that they've put together as part of a larger report called TeleScope 2012. It looks at how far and how fast the British public has responded to the new waves of TV technologies in recent years. And I commend them for the visualisation of the immense amounts of data they must have at their disposal. Bravo. 

It looks at how much TV we're watching, what we're watching and how, paying particularly close attention to the rise of "chatterboxing" (two-screen social media viewing). So thumbs up Mike for the relevancy. 

The report in full can be found at 


Why Is Pinterest So Addictive?

The State Of Social Customer Service

Social media is changing the landscape of customer service. Here’s why….

Encyclopaedia Brittanica closes its doors. Wikipedia changes the face of online research.


I used to love reading through the Encyclopaedia Britannica when I was much younger. But then the internet came along and ruined their entire business model. Shame. But the wisdom of the crowd showed that Wikipedia could essentially kill off a 244 year old business, no mean feat. Some great info and stats in this graphic.

Small Business Gets Serious About Facebook Commerce

A look into the future of Facebook 2012 – 2025

Great cover. RIP GAME.

Pinterest Data You Can’t Ignore: The Power of Pinterest


Apart from stealing my pie chart and changing the colours, a good round up of info here.