Just how big is Apple?

Awesome stats.

Barack Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO

THIS is why I love the internet. Huge kudos to the people behind it.

The Rise of the Slacktivist

10 signs you might be a slacktivist – see infographic ๐Ÿ™‚

Sharing & Communication Through The Ages

How communication has changed from past to present.

The illusion of choice.

How the top brands completely dominate. Great graphic.

Social Utility: How to Turn Social Media into Social Sales

From Social Commerce Today —

“social commerce works when social features offer genuine social utility that comes in three basic flavours:

Social utility that helps people solve problems socially using their social intelligence (ability to learn from each other and profit from social situations โ€“ e.g. collective buying) (Mercedes)

Social utility that helps people solve the social problem of standing out, by helping them manage their social status by expressing themselves (e.g. fan-first offers that โ€˜sellโ€™ bragging rights (Burberry)

Social utility that helps people solve the social problem of fitting in by facilitating social bonding (e.g. social media gift stores (Starbucks, Anton Berg)”

The Way I Pack: Travel Issue by MR PORTER

Very well produced video here as to be expected from Mr Porter. Found via @jasonfas over on http://thestreetcommentator.com/

For those that travel regularly on business, check out a few different ways to pack. I like the folding method myself.

Joel McHale Pokes Fun at Going ‘Viral’ for Nintendo

And in turn goes viral. I see what you did there, clever Nintendo.

Loving how it actually doesn’t feel like a product sell.

“We’re Going Digital” by @tomfishburne

The breakthrough categories in 2012 for Mobile


1. Mobile payments
2. Mobile commerce
3. Mobile health

Facebook Rap by Dan Bull


The Tupac Hologram: How it was done

The current state of the UK SEO industry

With an increasing demand for an ethical content-led approach to online marketing, this infographic seeks to capture the current state of the UK SEO industry.

How Social Sharing Influences Consumer Behaviour

Good stats in ‘ere.

The Anatomy of a Facebook Timeline

Some great stuff here from Wishpond as part of their ‘Social Success’ eBook. Worth a read.

Four ways to measure social success:

Fan count (but consider fan value (purchase value + referral value (vs. non fans)

Engagement rate (otherwise billed as conversation rate, share rate, applause rate, people talking about this)

Referral traffic to website (but consider also to store)

Sales (volume or value) (but consider broader economic value โ€“ money saved as well as money made)

May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook

The biggest dog I’ve ever seen, casually sat on the tube.

Food and online photo sharing trends

How to get more likes on Facebook by The Oatmeal.

How to get more likes on Facebook

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Very funny as usual.

@SmartArg use ASCII art to create a super clever game on Twitter

I think this is rather ingenious. The first time I’ve seen something like this on Twitter. Try it out for yourself at @SmartArg.