Digital Disruption: The Impact of Technologies on Brands

> 77% of consumers interact with brands on Facebook
> 29% of consumers that research a product on their smartphone in-store end up purchasing the product online

Facebook:The Perfect Startup. Five keys to their unprecedented success.

Really great presentation here.

How Mobile Technology Is Changing World Travel


“Back in 1903 when the Wright Brothers first took flight in their first fixed winged aircraft, little could anyone have imagined what travel would become. Fast forward to 2012 and the internet has revolutionised travel – along with communication – with the birth of the smartphone. But just how much as this palm-held device influenced and changed our travelling habits? And just how far has travel–based mobile technology still got to go?”

Why Content For SEO?

Generation Text: Teenagers & Cell Phones

Socialise Your Enterprise

Fruits In Season

Pinterest user profiling stats: Age, sex, education, income.

Pinterest user profiling stats: Age, sex, education, income.

Inside the brain of a CEO

Study by IBM

Google Vs Facebook. From humble beginnings….

Pinterest: It’s not just for women

What Music To Listen To On The Job To Stay Focused

Great stuff here from Sonos. One of those ‘why hasn’t anyone done this before’ moments.

Tonight’s entertainment is brought to you by @charlesarthur. So far, so great.

The World’s Best Bartender

Alexander Shtifanov from Ukraine has the most incredible bar tricks I’ve ever seen.

Facebook Addiction: Fact or Fad?

How Pinterest Drives Retail Sales

What do consumers think of social media marketing on mobile?

Who and What is a Facebook Power User?


An infograph on link building

All about WordPress