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The Cost Of Being Batman by conducted research on how much it would cost to live the lifestyle of major superheros in today’s economy, including how much it would take to buy their gadgets, pay the staff and electric bills in their huge mansions and operate multinational companies as a front/funding source for their masked adventures. In this example, we look at what it would cost to be Batman. A timely piece of research by capitalising on the interest around the recent release of Dark Knight Rises. (I’m a bit late to posting).

Of all the superheroes, Batman’s wealth is significantly larger than most – with the possible exception of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Wayne Manor costs $600,000,000 alone with an annual running cost of $37,000. Top that off with $80 million worth of vehicles and a stockpile of weapons totalling more than $10,000 and you will have to save pretty hard to afford to become Batman.

Of course Batman hasn’t saved or taken out a loan to build up his wealth. He was born in to the Wayne family fortune and now owns Wayne Enterprises, a multinational organisation with divisions in technology, shipping, defence, chemicals and many more. Wayne Enterprises (not included in the infographic) is worth a total of $7 billion.

Thanks Andrea for sending this through.

Team GB singing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now by @adidasuk

If you ever want to relive that great British spirit, enthusiasm and enjoyment of the Olympics, all you need to do is watch this.

A great example from Adidas who really cemented their name and association with the Olympics not through a product ad but something in this case instead featuring the stars of the games having some fun and showing more of their personalities. Well done Adidas.

The Economic Impact of 2012 London Olympics


With almost 18,000 jobs and over a 3% growth in the country’s economy – the UK may have struck gold. Along with the next World Cup in 2014, the 2016 Summer Olympics will take play in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Will be interesting to see if it has the same impact in Rio that it has had in the UK. And hats off to the BBC for some incredible broadcasting.