Kickstarter In The UK: Launches Today

Celebrating with the age old brilliance that is the GIF.

The greatest tennis shot you’ll ever see.

The Value Of A 2012 Social Media Share Is $3.23 – According to Eventbrite

$3.23 = Dollar Value Per Share—the average value of the additional tickets sold through this share (up from $1.78 in 2010).

Twitter $1.85/share (up from $0.43 in 2010)
Facebook $4.15/share (up from $2.52 in 2010)
LinkedIn $0.92/share (up from $0.90 in 2010)
17 = Visits/share (up from 7 in 2010)

Facebook 14 visits/share (up from 11 in 2010)
Twitter 33 visits/share
LinkedIn 10 visits per share

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What Does Your Brand Stand For?

Some of the world’s most successful brands have been hard at work on their profiling for many years, which has put them in a category of their own. We know them from their branding, and not so much for their actual products.

We love what they stand for, and as a result, we like buying their stuff. That is exactly what branding is all about. You have to make sure people like what your product or service conveys. People have to be able to identify with the things you are trying to sell. If they do, that’s when you know you are doing your business branding the right way.

Have a look at these different business branding characterizations and see if one of them fits your brand. You can always research respective companies to see how they have succeeded in branding their businesses. There are a few examples in each category here that you can start with and then branch out.

The Mindset Divide: Personal VS Professional Networks


People use different social networks for different reasons, this much is obvious but this research from LinkedIn/TNS includes 6,000 respondents data. A good sample. 

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