The Five C’s of Engagement

How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media?

Mobile Social Network Usage by Age and Gender

The History And Evolution Of Email

Top graphic.

Importance Of Social Media Channels (2010 vs. 2009)

The Path to 10 Billion iTunes Downloads

The BBC-o-Gram: How the BBC spends money

It puts all the discussions about 6 Music in to perspective just how little they are squabbling over. You have to look pretty hard to find them on the infographic in the first place.

Age Distribution On Social Network Sites

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Blogosphere in One Handy Diagram

* 133,000,000 million blogs
* 35% of Journalists are now Bloggers
* 48% of Bloggers are in the US
* 66% of bloggers are males
* 1/4 earn $100k+ a year
* Aside from “personal musings”, technology bloggers are the most prominent
* 75% of bloggers are college graduates

By 2014, Social Media Will Be A Bigger Marketing Channel Than Email and Mobile

Some cool stats here.

How eight to eighteen year old’s spend their time

Top insights here.

How different age groups are using the internet.

Useful infographic and great for decks.

The Structure of Trends

You’d think it to be fairly self explanatory but it actually isn’t. This just makes it look that way.

Your print out and keep thought for the day

State of the Internet 2009 Infographic

Some great stats here.

It’s not where you take things from, it’s where you take them to..

This is fantastic. Print out and keep for reference. Great advice. I bet @faris has this in his archives somewhere!

2010 is the year of the app from Fastcompany.

Now this is smart. CV as an infographic.

Very clever.

Remember Google Wave?