Spotify: Car Thing

Spotify gets in to physical hardware for the first time with ‘Car Thing’. Will be interesting to watch how this does, timing wise and post covid.

More here and here.

Apple Infographic

Who is getting rich off the iPhone?

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Beardyman at the Beatbox Convention 2008

Beardyman has a quite extraordinary talent. I saw him at the last Google Retail Conference and he brought the quite corporate masses to their feet. Impressive stuff.
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Play the Piano on YouTube

Play the piano on YouTube! It’s an interactive video by
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A decade of change in media production

Producers don’t own any media any more. This mashup of pop from 2009 is testament to that.

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Audiko – It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

You’ve got an iPhone but are always wondering what’s the easiest way to get ringtones of the songs you already own? It would seem that Audiko is the answer to your problems. Not those ones but the whole ringtone thing.. What’s Audiko? Put simply, it’s a free service which alows you to upload any track, cut it and then download it. Genius. It works with any phone by the way..

There’s a 3 stage process.. and that’s it!

1. Upload your favourite song (or enter a URL) and Audiko will download it. Magic.

2. Choose the best segment.

3. Get the ringtone – Download it to your mobile, share it with friends, put it on your blog!

For example, here’s one I made earlier..

Prodigy - Omen