The ongoing travels of ‘Three for Three!’

Originally started by the undisputed Rock Star of PR and all round top bloke Jed Hallam this has certainly been doing the rounds recently, kudos Jed for making chain mail cool again!

Thanks to Rax for the tag and bringing me in to the ‘Three for Three’ meme fold. Like Gill from Minxology this is the first meme I’ve been tagged in so it’s with trepidation that I unleash my karaoke classics to the masses.. I thought I’d be able to keep them a secret a while longer!

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept it’s basically three lists which feature top three choices for certain categories. In this case cocktails and so forth. You get the idea, fairly straight forward. I can see there being scope for this Jed, to be a long running series, the variations are endless!

Top three non-work sites:

1. Delicious – I’ve recently started being reaallly anal about my bookmarks which is horribly geeky but brings out the neat freak in me, it comes out to play every now and again.
2. NewsNow – Nottingham Forest – Here’s where I get my footy fix of all related Forest news. I know I’m a glutton for punishment and that I don’t really need to check what’s new because they are always losing.. but it’s my home town club and someone’s got to support them!
3. This one was a close tie between Engadget , Mac Rumors and Digital Spy (I shouldn’t freely admit the last one) but Engadget pips them all marginally to the post.. and dya know why? Because there’s an iPhone formatted version of the site which means I can quickly check it on the way to the tube, on the toilet.. need I go on.. (I’ve long given up denying that I’m a geek and positively embrace it.)

Top three karaoke songs:

1. I Am The One And Only – Chesney Hawkes – The man himself came to our End of Year Ball at Uni one year and it was the biggest thing since.. Rik Waller?
2. Living On A Prayer – Bon Jovi – Absolute classic. I defy anyone to disagree with me!
3. I’ll Be Ready – Sunblock – Reminiscing over the good times, the Baywatch times.

Top three weekend cocktails:

1.  Jaeger Bomb – An old favourite from my student days.. fond memories.. horrible hangovers..
2.  Tequila Sunrise – Sweet and fruity enough to forget about the copious amounts of tequila in it..
3.  Amaretto and Coke  – Recently introduced to this and love it, tastes like Cherry Coke when done right.


The lucky three I have chosen to tag in this meme are the following..

Jon at Jonin60seconds
James at Whatleydude
Dan at DanLeach


Google Maps..

I was in Shoreditch earlier on today and was a bit lost to say the least.


I knew I wasn’t far away from where I wanted to be but was confronted with side roads wherever I turned.. this wasn’t going to be a happy ending, put a map in front of me and I turn in to Casper the not so friendly ghost.

For a while I walked around just taking in the sights and surroundings because I had a bit of time on my hands but that got a little tiring pretty quickly..

I found a friendly bus conductor who was stopped at the side having a smoke so I asked him where it was I was looking for.. he sent me in the completely wrong direction so after a while walking I stopped a lovely geeky chap who I thought would find me the way to my mecca.. and that he did.. hey I like to adhere to the geeky stereotype every now and then too you know.. He said he wasn’t entirely sure where it was but time was running out for me.. then he had a cunning plan and came to my rescue through the wonders of Google. Whoever said they were getting all evil!

He whipped out his iPhone and started up the Maps application. Genius I thought, why didn’t I think of that.. In the times I’ve used Google Maps in Milton Keynes it was really unreliable and you couldn’t trust the output so I didn’t tend to use it so much.. right there on the street we were having a bit of iPhone loving and sharing tips on cool apps, iPhone formatted sites etc.. I turned location services on on my iPhone (normally off to conserve batter) and pressed the button in the bottom left hand corner which magically located where I was with a nice flashing blue dot.. I whacked in the post code where I was heading for and it plotted me a line how to get there and directions!

Whereas I’ve had limited success with Google Maps previously, it absolutely was a lifesaver and took me exactly to where I wanted to be along with providing directions. I even had time to scope out where it was and then head back down the road to get a sandwich.. Perfect. It was quite a spectacle as your location updates itself on the map so you can see if you’re taking a wrong turn (which I did a few times just to try it out.. honest guv!) I was pretty impressed all in all.


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