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The ROI of social media by @thebrandbuilder

I’ve spoken at length about measuring social media but this is one of the funniest presentations I’ve read, yet still full of interesting and useful info.

Highly worth your time.

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#media140 is coming, here’s your discount code..

Media 140

Media 140 is fast approaching, taking place on Monday 26th October 2009 at the Royal Institute of British Architects. If you haven’t got a ticket already then bag yourself one here and save £40 off the ticket price with the discount code ‘litman140’. Your ticket will then be £95 instead of the asking price of £135. Don’t say i’m not good to you.

Today’s consumer has a newfound power with the rise of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, forcing brands and marketers around the world to find new ways to engage with their consumer. Brand profiles and reputations are no longer dictated to the consumer but on the contrary they are shaped and driven by consumer demand, which makes for exciting and challenging times for advertisers and marketers.

Attendees will hear ‘warts and all’ (although i’m not really a fan of warts) stories directly from the brands who are out there engaging with their consumers through social media platforms. The event brings together experts and practitioners including; Tom Bedecarre, CEO AKQA, Paul Hoskins Head of Customer Experience EasyJet and Ted Hunt Digital Communications Manager from Innocent drinks, to share and debate with an audience of leading advertising, PR, brand and marketing executives.

I’ll be going so gimme a shout if you are too, put some names to faces and all..

Finally, here’s a few names that are confirmed to be speaking;

  • John Beasley, Head of Brand, Red Bull
  • Mel Exon, Managing Partner BBH Labs
  • Amelia Torode, from the award winning ‘Compare the Meerkat’ campaign
  • James Hart, Director at leading fashion retailer
  • Robin Grant, MD of some agency (It wouldn’t be an event without Robin speaking!)
  • Noam Buchalter, Marketing Manager Pepperami, Unilever
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Big Al’s Dixons Advertising Parody..

You know you’re campaign is a success when it’s being ripped off. This little number is great, following in Dixons footsteps and rather funny it is too.

Good idea and well timed. The only thing I wondered, when was creativer ever a word?

Dixons Parody

Advertising Goodies Planning

How to create advocacy and conversation..

An absolute must read.

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TED Talk: 8 secrets of success


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September Post Of The Month with @neilperkin

The nominations are in and the shortlist has been made for post of the month in September over on Neil’s blog Only Dead Fish.

All shortlisted are worthy of your time so I recommend checking each and every out (but vote for the last one yeah?)

Here they are below and you can vote for your favourite here

How To Be A Better Brand Planner by Julie Cottin

This is Not The Time For Big Lazy Brands from Helge Tenno

Why Not Take A Moment To Define Success Before You Pursue It by Alex Bogusky

When The S**t Hits The Fan, It’s Time To Innovate by Alan Moore

A Brief Message For European Marketing Directors from Gemma Teed

Kate Moss & Me by Neil Perkin

Is Social Media Measurement Really Meaningless? by some random chancer..