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Real time counter of worldwide tweets

Sweet visualisation.

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The Razorfish 5: Technologies that will change your business..

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A pop up that I didn’t instantly close..

So here’s a pop up that I didn’t automatically close. Guinness just have that knack of doing stuff which catches your eye and this was no exception.

A video and a call to action. That was it. But it did the trick.

Funnily enough when I actually went to click through to see where it would take me, it went nowhere.

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Barclaycard Rollercoaster: The Making Of

Love this sort of stuff. Satisfies the creative and production sides of me.

Angus Kneale of The Mill NYC, the cast and crew give us an insight into the creation of the advert, which was filmed in New York and involved state of the art technology notably the Spydercam.

Epic stuff.

You may have already seen the new rollercoaster Barclaycard ad, pretty neat isn’t it? Well here’s some behind the scenes feastings for you to enjoy. The Spydercam is quite fantastic, as is the backing track.
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By 2014, Social Media Will Be A Bigger Marketing Channel Than Email and Mobile

Some cool stats here.

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Finally a use for floppy disks

Pretty cool geek art.

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Nicolas Roope from POKE talks about “things vs ads”

Well worth your time.
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Social Media Advocacy – Presentation

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Social Media Hierarchy of Needs

This is pretty smart.

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How eight to eighteen year old’s spend their time

Top insights here.

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7 ways to reinvent yourself by Seth Godin

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iPhone Icon Keychains

I want. Them all.

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How different age groups are using the internet.

Useful infographic and great for decks.

Social Media Video

Now Business Is Social

Great video.

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The Structure of Trends

You’d think it to be fairly self explanatory but it actually isn’t. This just makes it look that way.
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The times (and RSS feeds) they are a-changing

Short version: Update your blog RSS feed to

Longer version: So it’s been a bit of a time of change recently for me and this here blog. Along with the documented job move, I coded/experimented for the last month or so with a more lifestreamy approach to blogging on another domain. I liked it. I fell in love with it. I deliberated over how to integrate it with the current blog experience here as I wanted the best of both worlds. To run with the dashboard and the blog. I’m greedy like that.

But when it comes to this kinda thing, I’m a great believer of don’t touch what’s working. Which I learnt all too quickly again when over a previous weekend when I made the changes and then realised that after doing so, I’d made a hash of things and absolutely nothing worked. All the links were wrong and I felt like I’d made a huge mistake even touching things that work. I cursed myself for being an idiot. After having a cup of tea and getting it all back on track, I’m pretty happy with the new dashboard style homepage at and I hope you like it too.

So I moved the blog to a sub page of the site and created an aggregator type dashboard homepage which I absolutely love. Kinda like a visual snapshot of my life online. The articles I’m reading, sharing, writing and loving, all in one place and in near real time.

As an unfortunate consequence of moving things around a bit it would appear that I seem to have messed up the RSS thingmajig and instantly lost all my RSS subscribers because the url has changed and therefore the RSS feed has too. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming. Otherwise I’ll presume that you have a hatred for nice boxes of visuals and/or Dare. Obviously I was a bit disappointed about that as I’d amassed a quite decent number of subscribers but alas, it looks like it couldn’t be prevented.

So if you were reading the blog via RSS, can I ask that you update your RSS feed to

You’ve got a few other choices also if you like. You can subscribe to blog updates via email also. I prefer to do this for any sites I actually want to keep updated by. Or you can now subscribe to the lifestream via RSS / email too to receive everything that I read, share, write and love.

See you soon.

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The ultimate creative brief

There’s no perfect template for creative briefs. But with the iPad there could well be. This template would be interactive and customizable in real-time – just drag ‘n drop the elements you need. Or download new ones.

The name of this software? iBrief of course.

This. Is. The. Future.

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Do Knot Forget

Novel approach to advertising the fact that Bluetooth comes with every new Ford model.


Conceptual Design in 2 Minutes

Advertising Cool Creativity Out&About

Smart interactive anti-chewing gum advertisement