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More about that thing called Social Media..

The results of a new survey have been released recently on media relations practices, specifically how journalists use social media to stay on top of the game. Original Source.

A few key messages to take home..

YOY more blogs are being read, only 25% of journalists don’t read one or more.. what are they doing, living in a cave with no access to the world wide web?

Who said blogging was dead?! It would appear it’s only just beginning!

Over half are using tools like Twitter to seek out new business opportunities, story leads and to connect with peers in similar work.

Similarly, over half scan Google News to follow world events, a sign that there’s much more to Google than just search.. How to monetize news stories though? (New fan of Google reader here by the way) Speaking of which 1/5th have 5 more or RSS feeds delivered to their readers each work.

The users surveyed and indeed the general public alike appear to becoming more tech savvy, where the online world is more intertwined with their every day working life. As a result they’re better connected.. social media you could say has played a part in all of the above.

Let’s take Twitter as an example of a tool at the very heart of the social media world. So much so that I’ve been noticing a few job specifications for social media related roles noting within the requirements ‘If you don’t know what Twitter is, don’t bother applying’

I have connected with extraordinary individuals whom I’d never have had any contact with in every day life nor would possibly be able to, without jumping through a few hundred hoops. Twitter itself single handedly breaks down the barriers of communication and allows me to communicate and engage with CEOs, Directors, and inspirational visionaries whom I can learn greatly from.

What are your thoughts on the explosion in interest in Social Media over the last few months and years. Do you use Twitter? Is it something you have integrated in to your daily life or is it something you just don’t ‘get’ ?

Results in full below.

  • 75% of journalists read one blog or more (compared to 70% last year) and 29% read 5 or more blogs to keep up with their beat (compared to 25% a year ago).
  • More than three-fourths of journalists surveyed use social media to research stories (compared to 67% last year).
  • More than half (56%) use NewsStreams and micro-blogs like Twitter, Pownce and Jaiku to identify new leads.
  • Almost 38% of journalists now say they visit a social media site at least once a week as part of their reporting, compared to only 28% last year.
  • More than half (53%) of journalists say they visit Facebook, YouTube and Social Bookmarks at least once as month as part of their research – up from 44% last year.
  • Nearly 19% receive five or more RSS feeds of news services, blogs, podcasts or videocasts every week, compared with only 16% a year ago and 44% receive at least one regular RSS feed.
  • The majority (76.4%) of journalists said that they use local newspapers to follow news, while 63% check the New York Times, 51% scan Google News and 32% visit Yahoo! News to stay informed.
  • 34% of journalists use Wikis as a living media kit for the companies and beats they cover.

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Definitely part of my process, both in shaping my message, and engaging others to share in similar success. Inspiration comes from all directions, and ignores conventional relationship boundaries , both seen and unseen ( ie. marketing – health care, mechanic – recruiter, boss – worker ). Peace and thanks for the sparks of genius.

Very interesting post, though the figures do seem low and it would be good to know if journalists are using social media at the expense of cultivating in-person contacts or getting out of the office to do research. Any chance of a link to the original research?

I found this, thanks to Twitter. You’re right: you meet people you would NEVER meet otherwise. I think social media is only going to get bigger, but it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. I tend to try something and stay only as long as I find it of value. When the powers that be change the whole site for no apparent reason, I’m gone. One can become obsessed, and then it turns into just another addiction. I have contemporaries who can’t find their way around e-mail, but I find that scary. You have to keep learning. Thanks for this great post.

This was a great post with a lot of useful information – and I think it’s great to point out to anyone who may be looking to build a relationship with the media that using social media is not just for fun or something people do to gossip these days!

Thanks for taking the time tod the research and sharing it with us!


Cheryl Antier
Publisher, The Writer’s Business Academy Blog

These are really encouraging figures, and proof that the media (journalists, PR, advertising) are finally waking up to the blogosphere as a relevant source of news or promotional tools. There are still some that ignore it completely (being in PR, I find it discouraging that 79% of UK PR agencies don’t have an online strategy), but at least we’re getting there.

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