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[update] UK ‘Preeple’ on Twitter

UPDATE – The below is now outdated.. I’ve created a landing page of sorts for it here but to go straight to the Wiki Wiki Wikid then click here

Stephen Davies of Prblogger is a list machine. Following on from his brilliant list of ‘Jeeple’ (Journalists) where he categorised all known UK journalists on Twitter, he brings another list flavoured installment to the Twittersphere this time following up with ‘Preeple’ (PR People)

It’s been a rampant success thus far with it surely being hard to keep up with the deluge of comments, 36 to date, from users who have been missed off the list to be added. For the purpose of the new category page and the need for it to be abbreviated I’ve now added Tweeple to the mix!

Depending on which way you look at it, there is the possibility of a negative viewpoint being attributed to lists like this, so there’s two sides to the story. For example, case in point, it’s merely providing people with a prospective list of influential journo’s / PROs to use for their own advantage or commercial gain. It has caused Stephen problems before, for example, have a look here.

However, It depends how cynical you are but for me it’s a fantastic resource of the who’s who of the PR & Journalism world’s on Twitter. It’s great to think that these lists might become a bit of a competition for agencies to establish more of a presence online, proving the power of their own internal community.

Building on the brilliant usage of the list I thought it would be just as useful to get an instant snapshot of a listed agencies presence on Twitter in numerical order complimenting Stephen’s alphabetically ordered list.. So here goes!

At the time of writing (approx 12am 11th Nov having lost the entire post and redone!) :- I’ve created a bit of a league table of ‘Preeple’ below..

1. Hotwire (16)

2. Axicom (12)

3. Rainier (11)

4. Edelman (9)

5. Lewis (9)

6. Ruder Finn (9)

7. Cow (8)

8. Berkeley (6)

9. Freelance (6)

10. Wolfstar (6)

11. Hill & Knowlton (5)

12. Porter Novelli (5)

13. Six Degrees (5)

14. Text 100 (5)

15. ITV (4)

16. Liberate Media (4)

17. Mantra (4)

18. Microsoft (4)

19. Waggener Edstrom (4)

20. Weber Shandwick (4)

21. Diffusion (3)

22. Kaizo (3)

23. O2 (3)

24. Shiny Red (3)

25. Wildfire PR (3)

26. Fishburn Hedges (2)

27. Nelson Bostock (2)

28. Punch Communications (2)

29. Racepoint Group (2)

30. Splendid Communications (2)

31. Staniforth (2)

32. University of Warwick (2)

The greatest number being in the ‘Other’ section, either unaffiliated or possibly being their company’s Twitter champion.

Something to think about, perhaps Stephen’s list and this subsequent league table will encourage them to join their colleagues in making their company more visible in the Tworld (yeah, I just made that up..)

11 replies on “[update] UK ‘Preeple’ on Twitter”

Surely it’s not about just numbers is it? You could have 100 people on Twitter with 3-4 effectively using it to any decent level. While it would be great to get more PR pros using Twitter, it shouldn’t be motivated by the need or desire to say: “We’ve got more people on Twitter than all the other agencies” – what does that say about how PR agencies integrate social media into campaigns?

You forgot 1000heads = although technically we are a WOM company! And there are quite a few of us on Twitter – in fact we would probably be at the top of the league table 😉

Ah, good to see that the Trent ‘Fons vitae (2.0) sapienta’ motto is proving to be standing you in good stead young Michael! Great list, great blog, keep it up and give me a tinkle/tweet when you’re next in the smoke.

It had to happen didn’t it: a league table of PR people on Twitter (I know, it’s just for fun). Although a great exercise by Mr D, there are quite a few people missing off the original list, so the league table won’t be 100% right.

I think the Twitter Preeple list would work well as a wiki, so that people could update details themselves. We’ve got a handful of people here that Twitter, but just don’t necessarily get picked as they don’t follow Stephen.

It also raises the question on the value of Twitter. How many people can you feasibly follow for it to still be worthwhile. I follow 100+ people, which is quite enough – I don’t know how people can keep up with 1000+ people.

Good blog though – I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

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