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Social Media Influencers in 2009.

I came across this through the wonder that is @jmacdonald and think it’s fantastic. I love predictions, because they are just that. Ideas, thoughts, views on the future. They aren’t gospel, no one is going to lose their jobs if their predictions don’t come true (well, actually, 600,000 might in 2009!) but when people / publications / companies of authority speaks out, others listen.
In the embedded slideshare presentation by TrendSpotting below and where the original article can be found here, such figures like Charlene Li, Rohit Bhargava, Jeremiah Owyang and Todd Defren are included, along with many more.

Are there any influencers that you think have been missed out?

Who are your ones to watch in 2009?

Social Media Influencers Predictions 2009 By Trendsspotting
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