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Merry Christmas.

With the snow causing chaos up and down the country, it’s quite fascinating how open people are in showing off the amount of snow in their area.

We’ve seen Will Carling’s garden path, outside the back garden of Phillip Schofield and the view from where they are from a fair few hundred people in London. If you thought that wasn’t enough, people on Twitter are giving out the start of their post code and rating the amount of snow in their area (for example writing a tweet with SE15 10/10 #uksnow means your tweet will be saved here)

Ben Marsh has aggregated all the location based snow tweets in a rather brilliant map here

There’s some amazing pictures on Flickr if you search for london+snow and here’s a selection of newspaper homepages.. (in no particular order)


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Greetings from all the way down here in Panama city Panama!

We don’t get snow down here. Actually, i had never seen snow, until about a year ago; i was sent to Salt Lake city, in Utah, and that’s how i “met” snow. It was nice… but i could not enjoy it as i wanted (to jump in headfirst…) because i was with coworkers, and i had to maintain composure.

Anyhow… my heart skipped a beat when i saw the headlines you posted. They reminded me way too much of “28 Days Later” (the zombie/infected movie?). And I was like OMG! ZOMBIES! Must get to secure location!

Then i realized you were talking about snow.


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