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Justifying Social Media in a Recession.

The presentation below was given by all round friendly chap and serial tweeter Dirk ‘The Cow’ Singer at the Social Network World Forum in London on 9th March 2009. They are now incidentally advertising for the 2010 event which isn’t until March 15th 2010 but that’s forward planning for you! The presentation deck is all about Justifying Social Media spend in a recession to ‘internal clients’. Well recommended to anyone working in any way shape or form in that thing we know and love called Social Media.

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A very useful slideshow – I hadn’t heard of before, and just found a huge amount of smaller social networking sites I hadn’t seen before.


Thanks for the shout out Michael! An interesting conference, and I guess my presentation tried to challenge the orthodoxy that doing something re social media is orthodoxy.

From experience I know a lot of brands are doing the opposite – the marketing equivalent of circling the wagons and retrenching into what they see as tried and tested. This presentation was there to combat this trend.

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