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Sorry for the silence..

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that posting hasn’t been up to my usual meticulous standards over the last month. Reason for that is actually quite simple.

I’ve been moving house and currently don’t have any internet for another few weeks. How have I survived you may ask? Well, apart from keeping the blog up to date, I’ve not really missed it. Strange of me to say as you’re meant to miss something when it’s gone no? A bit of downtime effectively made me reappraise how I spend my time outside of work. Previously, I would get home and be spending time on posts, current or future drafts, sometimes until the very early hours of the morning. It wasn’t a chore though, I enjoyed it.

Now, I’ve moved in to a new place with some work / university friends and I guess you could say without the internet at home, I’m taking my life back a bit and being physically social instead of just talking about all things social media online.  It was all too easy to become totally immersed in the all encompassing world of the interweb, it never stops. The thousands of unread items in my Google Reader are testament to that.  When we get the all in one package from Virgin Media installed soon, this is going to be a bit of a late new years resolution for me:  Let’s try not be so reliant on spending as much time glued to the computer screen.

It’s been more hassle than it should be ISP wise and it’s not even been installed yet! Doesn’t fill me with much faith for how well the service will perform over the year.

Normal service will be resuming mid June and thanks for sticking around.


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