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There is no such thing as a social media campaign..


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Thanks for posting this presentation, Michael. I had put off wading into the “social media is no campaigns rar!” debate for quite a while, but when you look at what’s really keeping things interesting, it’s almost always a short-lived campaign like Whopper Sacrifice.

I wasn’t really trying to raise the pro-campaign banner, because I do put a lot of emphasis on long-term commitment to corporate social media, but I appreciate you sharing my perspective in defense of short-term coolness.

I agree with Dan… a great slideshare piece, and nicely balanced rather than taking one extreme or the other. I think the major issue with the word ‘campaign’ though was not what agencies meant by it perhaps, but the client interpretation of it being exactly the same as before, just with a new channel to play with.

We’ve been debating something similar from a media point of view over on feeding the puppy; if advertising is a firework, social media is a bonfire. And the best bonfire night parties have both. The analogy works from a PR perspective too I think.

Anyway, it’s here if you fancy contributing to the debate…

…would be great to pull some more thoughts in from (increasingly not that) different disciplines 🙂

Nice presentation from @Griner and I think he’s right – I hate the constant claims that everything is an either/or decision.
Yes, social media and building engagement requires long term commitment, strategy, and resource.
But it also needs the occasional excitement and the chance to do something different.

It’s all ‘just’ about combining the two…

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