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How to create advocacy and conversation..

An absolute must read.

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Really interesting slide show, thanks for sharing it!

Advocacy is getting talked about more and more both by marketers and by brands. I’m worried we’re in danger of misunderstanding the concept of advocacy and forgetting that behind every advocate is an actual person. It’s hard to fit online behaviour into a neat category like this.
I think more emphasis needs to be paid to the conversation that might get a person to the point of being an advocate. There was an interesting debate about the concept of advocacy on our blog here – it’s interesting to see there is quite a divide between the PRs and the bloggers.
The slide on not starting with the platforms (number 55) is an important one. Often clients have heard these buzz words such as ‘social bookmarking’ and assume that implementing these will be the answer to all their problems. It won’t be!

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