Best of Chatroulette! And how curious brands awakens other peoples curiosity.


Are you curious?

I just love the fact that we all are so damn curious! That´s why I believe in people. That´s why brands need to start believing in people.

Stop courting and start giving. Make contact. Provide something of value. Again and again. That´s how you build trust. That´s how people will start to become stakeholders in your brand.

1. We live in a more and more socialized marketplace, defined by technology, where a brand needs to focus on existing customers to be able to create new customers. It´s no longer about creating a new customer. It´s about letting your customers create new customers.
2. We live in a relationship economy where transactions are the by-products of meaningful relationships. Relations built through gaining trust. Provide value to your existing customers 365 days a year.
3. Stop being interesting, be interested! Contact is king, as Malbonster says. It´s about people right? People want to talk about themselves. What are you providing that enables them to do it better?
4. It´s not about people liking you brand. It´s about people liking themselves and each other better because of your brand. Make it possible for people to broaden their horizons. Do not overrate listening…Be bold, activate!
5. You´re not an Social Media Expert. It´s people, your customers, they are the experts in social media. Let them in. Let them out.
6. There´s no digital vs traditional marketing. Peoples behavior online is becoming fully integrated with how they interact offline. You N E E D to have a holistic approach. Doing this will radically enhance the effect of your communication. If not – you will loose trust.
7. Find out how people are expressing their identity, personality and values through social relationships. Help them to maintain, strengthen and build new relationships. Do both.
8. Stop, listen and collaborate! Don´t look at what people create, collaborate on and sharing as something you can use as a free resource. All participants needs to be rewarded. Start collaborating with your customers.
9. Listening is great, but activating is more important. Start making contact. Do something, fail, succeed, and do it 365 days a year. Be flexible, yet consistent.
10. Stop spending. Start investing. Reduce your paid media spending with 50-75% and start investing in platforms and activities where you are making contact with people. Where you earn a presence, not only visibility. Use 25-50% to kickstart and maintain momentum with awesome marketing.

Create a legion of customers who want, and actively, helps you get more customers. Because you´re a great brand. Because you´re continuously giving people value. You´re broadening their horizons. You´re living with people. You´re part of the culture. Solely paying and trying to be interesting won´t get you there.

Start being and show you curiosity. Curious brands awakens other peoples curiosity.

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