Boring Is Sexy

So this, I think is pretty fantastic. I work on a financial services client and not coming from that kinda background there’s always a battle to convey the complexities of savings, pensions and the like in a way that you can instantly understand. There’s a veritable minefield on options, information and misinformation out there so when this was sent round at work I wish I’d thought of the idea myself.

I’ve only grabbed one of the images but click the via link at the end of the post and check out the rest.. it transcends on and offline media, with a teaser billboard showing nothing but a URL in the US.

Then comes this:

“When it comes to your money, too much excitement is the last thing you need,” reads the introduction on the microsite. “Montana 1st Credit Union has been prudently boring the socks off Missoula for more than 78 years. Just ask your Grandpa. Since 1931, we’ve been quietly doing what’s right for our members without any high-roller excitement. No corporate jets, no million-dollar salaries. Just great rates and outstanding member service, year after year after boring year.”

And you just let out a smile don’t you.

Very nice. Well done to iDiz (

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