Creative Review: Man City’s Big Four home game posters

Last week Music in Manchester produced the final poster in a series of four designed to promote Manchester City Football Club’s “big four” Premiership home fixtures of the football season – complete with an illustration of Carlos Tevez by Shephard Fairey’s studio, Studio Number One

Music commissioned four illustrators to each produce an iconic image of a City player who would be the focus of the campiagns for the games against Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. Each City player depicted used to play for the opposing team at one time – hence ex Manchester United player Tevez appearing on the above poster which promoted Saturday’s game (April 17) against United.

“We wanted to treat the games for what they really are, a unique experience more likened to a gig than a game of football, explains Music’s Dave Simpson. “Our aim was to work with illustrators and produce pieces of iconic artwork that captured great moments in the club’s history.”

Here are the other three posters produced during the season and posted up around Manchester:

Todd Slater created the illustration for the above poster which features Craig Bellamy and which promoted the game against Liverpool on 21 February

This poster to promote the game against Chelsea on 5th December features Shaun Wright-Philips as envisaged by illustrator Chris White

And this illustration of Emmanuel Adebayor by Michael Gillette adorned the poster for the September match between Man City and Arsenal.

“The Big Four games provide an opportunity to celebrate those cult players who relish such occasions and transcend the barriers between culture and football,” says Chris Kay, head of marketing at Manchester City. “Creating a stylised campaign, unique for a football club, puts Manchester City at the centre of the cultural fabric of Manchester.”

Love these illustrations. Man City really are ahead of the pack when it comes to this kinda thing and embodying the brand.

The SWP one is my fave (number 3)

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