HTC To Facebook Users: Help Name Our New Phone

htcfbsm HTC To Facebook Users: Help Name Our New Phone

In an attempt to harness the power of social networking, HTC are looking to connect with Facebook users to help them come up with a name for one of their new mobile phone devices.

HTC have posted a poll on its official Facebook Fan Page highlighting that employee’s of the Taiwanese handset vendor are working on a new device that will be “playful and full of youth”, asking users to choose from one of four possible names.

The names, in no particular order are; HTC Jovi, HTC Zeal, HTC Wildfire and HTC Festi. There are no further details suggesting what the device will offer or when it will be released.

htcfb HTC To Facebook Users: Help Name Our New Phone

As we write this, there have been 5045 votes on the poll (which requires the user to grant access to their account to successfully vote) with the HTC Wildfire taking 49 percent of the total votes.

Whilst we feel that none of the names suggested are particularly memorable or innovative, you could possibly imagine a device going by the name of Wildfire, even if it does sound like a Magic Tree scent you would affix to the rear-view mirror of your car.

Whether HTC will stick by its intention to crowd-source the name of their new phone is another question entirely but we do have to applaud the fact they opened it up to a public vote in the first place.

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