The first remote controlled interactive ad for Skoda

The backstory is just inspired…

In an age where TV ads can just be Tivo’ed away – we need to go an extra length to make people want to watch our ads. One sure way to do this is by engaging the consumer and giving him something to do. Be it replay our ad or in this case, flick the remote control at the ad – not to make it go away – but to make it do something. The Skoda guys in Poland got this and are running a really nice interactive ad stressing a special new feature on the new SkodaSuperb Estate: a remote controlled operated boot….while the video is a bit dull, the idea is just great: “let people experience the new feature with the TV’s remote control”

What they did:
Most people in Poland watch TVP1 on channel 1 and TVP2 on channel 2. They ran 2 spots simultaneously on these channels, one showed the car with the boot closed and on the other channel with the boot opened. Underneath the image of the car they showed the message: ‘To open the boot press 2 on the TV remote’ and vice versa.

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