Post-It Celebrates 30 Years With Facebook Trivia Game To Help You Appreciate Your Friends

The venerable office adhesive reminders (and medium for popular YouTube videos) turn 30 this year, and Post-It Notes are celebrating the anniversary with a unique Facebook application called Don’t Forget Your Friends. The trivia app rewards users for recalling facts about people in their Facebook networks, with Post-It Brand products available as prizes in the early rounds a grand prize of a “holiday of a lifetime” for the winner and a few of the winner’s friends.

The Facebook application is being supplemented with a real-world advertising campaign, including Post-It-shaped posters and billboards placed around busy business centers in the UK. Each ad will feature the Don’t Forget Your Friends branding, along with the URL for the Facebook app. The most prominent advertisement will be going up in London’s Broadgate Circus — a huge replica of a Post-It pad with the game and brand information.

As for the trivia game, Don’t Forget Your Friends is meant to help remind us that while it’s easy to accumulate digital friends, we should not forget why we have chosen to bring them into our circles. The application pulls info and photos from your personal profiles and actually tailors the questions based on your friend networks. Each question is multiple choice, with images puled from your own photo albums appearing along with the questions.

Answering the first round of questions, and there are a few Post-It products as prizes, however  only residents of the UK and Ireland are eligible to receive them. Go deeper into the trivia app, and after a couple of more rounds of increasingly difficult questions, you will be in the running for the grand prize if you can score above 80%.

After each attempt at Don’t Forget Your Friends, you can post your score in your newsfeed and challenge others to try to top your score and nab some prizes of their own.

This is a rather comprehensive campaign, combining a number of elements from past applications, advertising and gaming that have worked well individually (trivia, give-aways, challenges, cross-promotion and more). It’s a well designed and executed application, and brings a lot of brand awareness to a product that really has no place in the digital world. Yes, everyone knows one or two people who have ringed their computer monitors with the little notes, but there aren’t too many opportunities for their use on Facebook. Don’t Forget Your Friends reminds Facebook users through a fun, rewarding trivia game that there still needs to be some connection, and remembering the details is important.

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