Social media, BMW and the way forward

So here’s a little something I presented on behalf of BMW for AutomotiveWorld recently. The event was entitled ’Social networks and the global auto industry: the marketing opportunity’.

I talked about social media trends from an automotive perspective with some key learnings from BMW.. and then answered a load of questions in one of those fancy Q&A things. I’ll admit that it was a moderately enjoyable experience on the whole.

Bizarrely, I was in quite illustrious company with the other two speakers being Leo Rayman (@leorayman), Head of Social Strategy at DDB UK and Mary Henige (@maryhenige), Director of Social Media and Digital Communications at General Motors. I was pretty chuffed to be asked to join them and as expected, they were both great story tellers.

The slides may not make a whole lot of sense without a voice in the background talking over them but have a look, see what you think. Comment, like, embed away and if there’s enough interest i’ll put it up for download where you’ll get all the flashy transitions, speaker notes and a rather brilliant (if I may say so myself) spinning wheel effect on slide 4.

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Hello Michael,

Likewise on the good company! It was an enjoyable across-the-pond chat. Lots of social web opportunities for sure, especially for automakers and enthusiasts.


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