Rumour: Apple Will Have TWO New iPhones In September

Apple will be releasing two new iPhones this September, says Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore in a note this morning.

It will release the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S, a “mid-range” prepaid smartphone priced at $350. The data plans would work similarly to the iPad. Users could sign up and pay for what they need when they need it.

“With Nokia and RIMM struggling, the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the mid range smart-phone market,” says Whitmore.

If Whitmore’s report is accurate it would confirm a lot of rumors we’ve heard this year around the iPhone.

Since February reports have mentioned a cheaper iPhone to expand Apple’s market and fend off the rapid growth of Android. We’ve also read conflicting reports about whether or not Apple is releasing a redesigned phone for iPhone 5 or just a mild internal upgrade producing a faster version of the iPhone 4.

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