E4 and GetGlue. Check in to Made in Chelsea


So now at least I have an excuse for saying that I’m watching Made in Chelsea. I can say it’s research. But that’s not going to wash is it. Ok, it’s a guilty pleasure.

What is interesting though is the proliferation of the service Get Glue on to a mainstream level in the UK like never seen before.

I’ve not heard of Get Glue, what is it? Its billed as a social network for entertainment. Think of it like Foursquare but for things you’re doing and not physical places. But it’s a similar mechanic. You can check in to TV, music and films and get badges and rewards to keep you doing it.

And just like that this whole social TV thing elevates itself to new levels. The last thing I can remember checking in to using Get Glue was the Royal Wedding. Thousands were doing the same too.

Whether I’d check in to the Neighbours Omnibus or Big Brother is another story but I like where this is going.

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