‘New Twitter’, which brands are involved, best practices and key takeouts.


I’ve only gone and done a blog post. 


This time it was for a work community I’ve just started working on. It’s called and you can check out my post there if you like.


I was getting annoyed after reading all the ton of coverage about the new brand pages for Twitter because everything I’ve read barely scratches the surface. It’s just there to exist and attribute their name to the topic. In the race to be first to get that tasty Google juice, the quality of the articles are suffering. So that was something I wanted to address...



I’ve given it a bit of a build up now but the article I wrote goes in to detail about what it all means, what’s changed, which brands are launch partners, how they are using the new real estate and some key take outs.


Interested in your thoughts as ever and do share if you found useful.

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