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Lunchtime catchup with Jamie Burke of P2PR.

So I caught up with Jamie Burke, MD of Brando Digital and blogger at Social Glue the other day, who recently set up the P2PR community. Since launch it has been a runaway success, with active participation from it’s members.

We talked over lunch about all things Online PR, social media, paid for blogging (Chris Brogan) and of course ROI and the almighty echo chamber.

To view the video, click my face.. be nice ! (or alternatively you can click here if you can’t bring yourself to do it!)

There’s a whole host of videos also on the community, all of which can be found here.

As always, interested to hear your thoughts and feedback on the topics discussed. Hopefully you can take something away from it.

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I think ROA concept can also be applied to brands themselves. If you want people to pay attention to your brand, then ask yourself whether they’re getting the same amount of attention from you in return. The more time you spend engaging with your customers the more attention you’ll get from people.

Hey Mike

Great interview buddy, I like your ROA theory. Maybe you need to expand more on it in a post.

It’s also good as you mentioned to not hang on every word of these ‘big gun’ social media types. They are normal people that got a bit lucky online and will stuff up eventually. The real ground breakers, are the people on the front line actually doing the graft and not just talking about it and writing lofty theories and idiotic one word quotes like @pistachio:

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