What does your Youniverse look like?

I found out about Youniverse through Dom Whitehurst’s blog over at Pr-otagonism so cheers for that Dom!

Youniverse gives you questions in which you don’t have to give an actual text answer, it’s all about the choice of images that best represents your thoughts and emotions towards the question. In turn, it anticipates that you’ll have a better idea of the type of people you will get on with most if they answer similarly to the questions. Going a bit deeper, it tells you more about yourself. It’s one of those fact finding, personality questionnaire types.

If you look past the ever so slightly off putting dating and relationship finding type vibe the site gives off in abundance it does offers a few good nuggets of wisdom.. Is it useful though? It may tell you things you already know about yourself but at the same time, it’s only as accurate as the answers you provide!

So for me, within the ‘Personality’ test the following characteristics ran true.. You can do as little or as many of the tests as you like and report back on the details but let’s go with the ‘Personality’ test for the moment..

I’m going to tag Adam Lewis, Jed Hallam and Tom Chapman in this as I’d be interested to see what it says about them through the images they choose.

What does your Youniverse say about you?

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