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How small touches in social media impact the heartbeat of your brand by @freshpeel

I love presentations like this. An absolute breath of fresh air. Gone are your typical bullet points and times new roman font and here you have a brilliant case in point that hammers the message home, less is more. The words are touchpoints, they aren’t everything, you still want to find out more instead of being bored to tears.

Someone said elsewhere that “Every interaction with the consumer is essential and can make a difference. Brands need to fit into the life of people.”

And here’s from the man himself, Chris Wilson of

The idea is that in a world with an unlimited amount of brand touchpoints, some in a brands control and many not, and the fact that consumers can interact with a brand whenever and wherever they want to, every touch matters. I credit the birth of this idea to David Armano and his Micro-Interactions presentation.

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Thanks so much for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the deck.

There are so many ways that people can be touched by brands, and not all of these are within a brands immediate control. But by created ways that people can interact with your brand that provide value and mesh with the lives they are already living. If we do this, the positive interactions will outweigh the negative.

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