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Proof that social media is killing print magazines..

Nuff said.

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The ceased magazine publications, is this statistic based worldwide, UK and America or just America?

I really like this visual. One thing I wanted to point out is that these closures are mostly large, nationally advertised magazines. I work with a smaller magazine that has a very targeted audience. While we have seen a drop due to social media, it’s not nearly as large as what some have seen. I believe there is still a place for certain types of print media if you have the right audience.

And for what it’s worth, we’re now also offering online issues of our magazine.


Hi Ian,

Cheers for the comment.

Whilst I agree with you and the others who have said the headline was misleading, I liked the visualisation and wanted to pass it on. That doesn’t mean I explicitly agree with what it’s saying but just liked how it was presented. I’m a bit of a visualisation geek. So yes, it’s not just social media that has made an impact, it’s online as a whole coupled with the recession.

Hope that clears things up a bit and thanks again,

Oh dear. The only thing this proves is that you don’t understand that correlation is not causation. Do you not think that the small matter of a massive, global recession might have been a bit more of an influence than social media?

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