Jamie Does… Pizza Hut

Jamie Does… Pizza Hut

I was just reading an impressive article on the BBC News web site about Jamie Oliver’s latest venture to plough millions of his own cash over the next 10-15years in to a scheme that aims to improve the school dinners for primary schools in the UK. His idea is to provide the funding to allow schools to apply for it to build better kitchens, gardens, fruit trees, seeds, as well as provide mentors and advisers to help with all areas.

This is the stuff of legends. In a way it is sad that it takes a chef to motivate and create opportunities like this. Like his Fifteen restaurants which funds chef apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people. I mean sad, but amazing. Love him or loath him what have you done that even compares to this? Exactly.

However it lead me to look on 4oD to watch his new series ‘Jamie Does…‘. I wonder if he is aware that the advert running before his programme is for Pizza Hut? Not that he can control this, but interesting choice from the media planners to place an advert for a company that produces the worst type of food to be advertising before a programme of someone whose principles in life are to use good, healthy food as a means to improve life for all.

Just saying.

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