Sign up to the world’s first focus group on Google+. We’re launching something cool.


Along with my co-founder Syd, we’re launching something soon. We’d like to think it’s in a pre-beta stage at the moment and would appreciate your feedback. Bearing in mind that the target market initially is going to be a bit more of a tech savvy early adopting crowd, we’re conducting what we think is the world’s first focus group on Google+

What is it? We’ll save the finer points for when you’re part of the circle but for now we think you’ll like it and get the most use out of it if you’re already using Instagram. We’re big lovers of Instagram so wanted to do something to make it even more awesome to use. 

How is this going to work? Because of the circles feature on Google+, we’re only going to distribute the product link out to people who request to be part of the circle, the people we think will potentially use and get value out of the product. There might be the odd bug here and there but in turn you also get to be part of the earliest stage of user feedback for something that we think you’ll like.

Another Google+ first: Oxidant will be conducting the online focus group, using the ‘Hangout’ feature, for an interactive demo and feedback session by webcam.

Sounds awesome. How do I get myself on the list? There’s a number of ways you can do this: 

  • Write an update on Google+ and share it only with me by tagging me +Michael Litman.
  • Send an email to with or from the email you want added to the circle 
  • Tweet or DM me @litmanlive with your gmail address.
  • Write it on a carrier pigeon 

Come join us, the circle is lonely, oh so lonely. 


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