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McDonald’s x BTS

Would be curious to know more about the backstory to this one. McDonalds partners with global music sensations BTS.

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Breakfast, done properly.

So smart, so brave, so simple. I love it. Bravo McDonald’s.

Cool Photography

Ronald McDonald like never before..

These are incredible. Truly. And just shows how globally, universally well known he is to be a character promoting fast foods but in these pictures showing a completely different persona than one you would normally associate.

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Brilliant McDonalds Ad: Your free coffee is ready

This is rather lovely. A genuine stand out piece of advertising from McDonalds. Compelling enough to make you want to stick around to the end to see what happens. A steam machine was built to fit inside a bus shelter and the free coffee message is only readable when the steam machine is activated by the end user. Very cool.